Brad Burnham is coming back to Iceland for Startup Iceland 2017. Brad was the keynote speaker in Startup Iceland 2012 and 2013. Brad is a managing partner at Union Square Ventures. He started working in information technology with AT&T in 1979. Brad spun Echo Logic out of Bell Laboratories in 1989 and joined AT&T Ventures in 1993. Brad co-founded TACODA in 2001 before joining Fred Wilson to create Union Square Ventures in 2003.

Brad has been at the forefront of investments like Twitter, Tumblr, Four Square and many other company’s tools that we we take for granted today. I have known Brad for 6 years now and he was here for the inaugural Startup Iceland in 2012, he saw the potential in Iceland. Brad is a vocal supporter of Innovation, Open Markets, Fair play and Startup thinking, not only because he has agency to do so but he believes fundamentally that those values are critical for our development as a just community.

Here is Brad during Startup Iceland 2013, talking about what he does, why he does them and what he believes in. Brad is one of the smartest VCs that I have met and he is a mentor and a friend.

Given the theme for this year’s Startup Iceland is Personal Data, Brad has some interesting perspectives and opinions about that. Here you can see a number of talks and discussions that he has given related to Data, Privacy, Innovation and everything in-between. I am looking forward to meeting, engaging and listening to Brad again.