Ida Tin is coming to Iceland to participate in Startup Iceland. Ida is the CEO and co-founder of female health tracking app, Clue. Born in Copenhagen, Ida graduated from Denmark’s prestigious creative business school, the KaosPilots. A lifelong entrepreneur, she previously led motorcycle tours around the world and published a book about her experience, “Direktøs” which became a Danish bestseller. Get your early bird tickets now! to connect in person with Ida.

Union Square Venture or USV, invested in Clue in 2015. I took notice of that investment and when Jon Eldvald, the co-founder of Clara joined Clue, I got even more interested in what they were doing. Read about Fred Wilson’s view about Clue and why they invested in their Series A round. I have two daughters and I have no context to give them any advice when it comes to their health. I am fortunate to have a wife who is extremely smart and technology savvy so I don’t have to worry about that discussion but I think the women health is an important problem. I am happy to see Ida tackle this and commit to building a solution that can help my daughters in their health choices. I also believe as Fred does our phones are the windows into our Personal Data or rather as Fred says, our phones are new EMR.

The gap between where technology is and how it is being applied in the areas of health, wellness and traditional businesses is massive. I think there is also a generational gap between the users of technology and decision makers in traditional businesses. I wrote earlier that disruptive technology is not just for Startups, it is available to any company that is willing to invest the time and effort to learn how these technologies can help in solving the challenges for their customers and their stakeholders. What I mean by technology is the Mobile phones and the devices that they enable which includes cameras, gyroscopes and almost super computer level edge processing, Cloud Computing, Sensors, Social Networks and the Data that we are able to acquire through them. These are all available now. Very few companies are really thinking about how to use these to better the lives of their customers and their other stakeholders.