SI-isl-Logo-02Guðrún Hafsteinsdóttir the Chairperson of the Federation of Industries in Iceland will be one of the featured speakers in Startup Iceland 2016. After hustling with the Federation of Industries for the last four years to participate in Startup Iceland, I am really happy that I was finally able to get the Chairperson to speak at the event. This would have not been possible without the effort of my friend Almar Gudmundsson, the new Managing Director of Federation of Industries in Iceland.

Startup Iceland was always envisioned to bring the entire community of Iceland together on a single day to talk about Entrepreneurship, Startups and of building a startup community. The strength of a startup community is shown when the entire stack participate. The startup community in Iceland is extremely strong in that respect. We have been able to mobilize and get the entire community to participate in all of the last 4 years we have held the event. The Federation of Industries in Iceland is a very resourceful organization and the members are Founders, Entrepreneurs and Leaders in their own right. The members of SI range the entire spectrum of industries in Iceland from CEOs of Aluminum Smelters to CEO of Ice cream companies. Getting this group to connect with the next generation of Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs is what Startup Iceland is about. Building bridges within Iceland to different groups creates tremendous value, I am certain of that.


Image source: Kjoris – early days

Guðrún is the CEO of Kjoris, one of the largest ice cream companies in Iceland. I am a fan of the ice cream and dairy in Iceland. Did I mention one of the most awesome treats you can have in Iceland is called Bragdarefur… anyways, I digress. The story of Kjoris is a typical Founder’s story. Guðrún’s dad founded Kjoris in Hveragerdi, a small town outside Reykjavik. She also shared briefly the journey, the struggles, failures and then the triumph of creating a product whole nation loves. She took over the company when she was 23 years old, I am inspired to hear about the leadership and company building challenges that Guðrun must have endured. I am looking forward to hearing the story of Founding of Kjoris during Startup Iceland 2016.

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