I have seen how writing a blog has brought a lot of value to me personally and to Startup Iceland. I don’t mean blogging as something I do to drive traffic but as a means to communicate a message and to articulate a thinking. This blog is now widely read, syndicated by a number of different outlets. I use the blog to share what I am thinking and hopefully it becomes a resource for someone who is in the hard journey of building their company or starting their company. I think it is time we opened it up to any startup in Iceland to use the Startup Iceland blog. What do I mean by this? Very simple, if you have a message to communicate about your startup, hopefully something useful to say to a fellow Founder or Entrepreneur (there is a difference). Reach out to me I will create an account for you. You will have a platform to share your ideas. It is widely read and distributed. More importantly, you can use the blog post as a way to draw attention to your startup or your idea. It is what is called InBound Marketing. You can use the Startup Iceland blog to share something that has worked for your startup or in building your company. It is a great way to build an audience and who knows your investor or more importantly your customer.

I believe great founders are everywhere, we need to build an environment that allows them to thrive and build great products and services and great companies. Startup Iceland blog is a great way to build on top of what I have been doing for the past 5 years. If you are a startup and want to build an audience you need to start somewhere, I am opening Startup Iceland as a network that you can use.