_aponImage-a9a92b7372ce817e64027a48966f9f44App creation has become the new art form for our generation. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to create a documentary about App – The Human Story. So, it was exciting to sit down yesterday with the apon team and talk to them about their journey and where they are going and figuring out the path to building their business.

I met Armann Kojic the Founder and CEO of apon in 2010 I think. He was showing me the early stages of the development of apon a tool that enables fast creation and visualization of web sites. Well, at that time he was struggling to figure out the product or market fit. I was very happy to see that he did not give up on the development effort, he moved to Silicon Valley got himself into one of the incubator programs, met a lot of people and refined the idea into a pretty awesome product now. What apon does is enables anyone or any company to create apps at a rapid pace. They have found the product to market fit in every mid to large size company that wants engagement with any of their stakeholders. They have sold a couple of solutions and are in discussions with some major web marketplaces that want to app-ify their catalogue. I think this is an exciting space, I think what HTML5 did for the web, apon could do for app creation.

Apon is an icelandic startup that is really start to make in roads into large corporations. When the barrier to create apps that enables engagement is dramatically reduced what would you do? A number of companies that apon is talking to is asking the same question, they are engaging better with their employees, customers and even their investors.