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Meniga is one of the companies that came out of the financial collapse of Iceland. It is a Whitelabel Personal Finance Management software that is primarily used by banks and financial institutions to enable their end customers to better manage their finances. I have watched the company grow from strength to strength and I believe last year was huge year for them in terms of really accelerating their market access.

I am not sure if they can still be categorized as a startup, the team has grown to over 70 people if I am not wrong, with expansion into the UK Financial district, Sweden, Poland and other markets and strengthening the Icelandic core team with Kristjan Kristjanson who used to be the CEO of Innovit. I think Georg Ludviksson their CEO and experienced team has really started executing on the vacuum created by the financial collapse into the financial services industry. The financial services industry and the banking sector is actually one of the biggest buyers of technology and innovation, however since 2008, the sector has been focusing on building their base and it has created tremendous opportunities for startups to come up with innovative solutions that can be bolted on to the core service offering of the financial service sector. The team at Meniga capitalized on that and focused on the value proposition from the customers perspective and built a solution and made it mainstream.

Meniga has been the recipient of Best of the Show in Finovate 2011 and 2013. They are the leaders in the European market for Whitelabel PFM solutions and they continue to innovate and penetrate new segments within the Financial Services industry.

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