For those who have been reading my blog post, it should come as no surprise that I am a big fan of Hackathons. The reason I like them is that it is built on the premise of Doertocracy, watch this video where Brad explains what this is…

Every Startup Iceland event we have had a weekend of Hackathon, I have received feedback that goes from “it is a joke” to “this is awesome!”. A lot of that has got to do with participation, promotion and positioning. We have had spotty participation and we have not done a good job of promoting the event clearly and for that matter positioning why we do it. So, here is the skinny on what we host hackathons, it is a perfect place to try something based on a theme. This year’s theme for Startup Iceland is all the new platforms that are disrupting even the traditional startups platforms for example Mobile Technology, Wearable, Flyable, Driveable and 3D Printing. I am excited to say that this year’s Startup Iceland is going to be biased towards Doertocracy, we want to do something with this notion of starting up.

Kio Stark - Photo Credit Bre Pettis

Kio Stark – Photo Credit Bre Pettis

The last 2 year has been about Building Sustainable/Antifragile Startup Ecosystems, the broad theme stays as a constant but I want to create some momentum to push ourselves towards some action. That is why I am excited to get Bre Pettis, Kio Stark, Jenny Lawton and a number of other speakers like T.A. McCann to come to Iceland and tell us their stories on how they DID something. If you always wanted to hack at creating something now there are tools and instruments and instructions that will enable you to get started. Hackathons are a great way to time-box and build something of value. I know there is somethings lost in translation especially in Iceland, the most popular “breakathons” that are conducted in Reykjavik University is base on breaking into Operating Systems and the organizers of that put on a good show and I have seen overcrowded class rooms watching people break into each others systems. When I refer to hackathons I mean this

to create, to add, to build things of value.

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