The mission of this blog is to be a resource for entrepreneurs, startups and everyone who wants to learn about the entrepreneurial life. Why I do this is because I have made it my mission to build an antifragile startup ecosystem in Iceland. I have written a lot about how my analysis of why this is not such a bad idea and how I am also putting my money where my mouth is. In continuing with that development, I was happy to see that Startup Genome project has included Iceland as a region. If you have not explored it, you should. I would encourage you to go and enter your company in the Startup Genome Database, it is a easy way to keep track of all the companies that are being created in Iceland. In addition to thisStartup Genome Iceland, I would recommend that you go and register yourself and your company in AngelList, Crunchbase etc do the work needed to get your name out into those places where people are searching for Startups. It is important aspect of building a company and your startup.

Toti suggested another brilliant idea that came out of another Startup Community that is very similar in development stage as Iceland, Portland. Portland has an online calendar that lists all the activities that are ongoing in the Startup Community, called Calagator which is a unified calendar for the technology community of Portland, Oregon. It is an all-volunteer effort and they encourages anyone to import, create, and edit events. I think having something like that will be awesome for Iceland. I also think It is great way to schedule events and see in a glance what is going on in the area or region. Of course given that everyone who is part of the Startup Community is in one of the Facebook groups is a great thing in Iceland but it might also prevent new people from getting to know about the Startup Community in Iceland. Having an open calendar that is crawlable by Google or DuckDuckGo or Bing or whatever search engine of choice, enable serendipitous discovery of meetups and new community members joining this growing community.

Toti has volunteered Mobilitus and I have volunteered GreenQloud to host this application build using an open source software from  to have Iceland’s own Calendar of Events. I think both of these online resources need to be kept upto date, so we need you all to participate and update your startup or a startup you know into the Genome. Add a calendar event to the new TBA calendar for Iceland.