I have been following GreenQloud for almost as long as I have been looking at Iceland for startups. I met with Eirikur Hrafnsson one of the founders of the company almost 2 years back. GreenQloud is a Infrastructure, Platform and Software as Service company. The company sells storage, virtual machines for processing and bandwidth to those who don’t want to bother with the hassle of setting up their own infrastructure. GreenQloud competes with all the hosting service providers including Amazon Web Services. The competitive advantage of GreenQloud is that the infrastructure that runs GreenQlouds offerings is based on 100% Sustainable Renewable Green Energy. Having its headquarters in Iceland makes it much easier. The need for sustainable power to run the infrastructure of Internet Service companies is a growing need and not all countries are equipped to make the transition.

In addition to the companies need, consumers are becoming self-aware and want to have an option to choose which infrastructure will run their services. I have written a lot about of data centersand why I believe the Sustainable Energy is not the only reason that big data center consumers buy services. Cost is a important factor and it is an established fact that Iceland provides cheap renewable energy, that is the main reason all the major Aluminum companies have their smelters located in Iceland. I believe the team at GreenQloud has done a couple of things that I believe makes it easy and convenient for companies to make a choice to switch to their services without much headache. GreenQloud’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are compatible with the industry standard AWS EC2 (Compute Qloud) and S3 (Storage Qloud) APIs. This makes GreenQloud automatable using numerous third party tools and Software as a Service solutions. The standard AWS API tools work out of the box making GreenQloud a truly green drop-in replacement for AWS. There is a lot of movement by major players like Google , Facebook and Microsoft to “Green” their data center and production facilities.