Parliament Building in Reykjavík, Iceland

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Many of you know that I don’t understand the business case for Data Centers in Iceland. I have written about why Data Centers will not work in Iceland here and here. I was wrong! IMMI or the International Modern Media Initiative is by far the best business case for Data Centers in Iceland. I knew about the initiative but I was not aware of the status of the resolutions that was passed in the Icelandic Parliament. I believe this is one of those rare moments in history where a nation is at a cross road and it chooses to lead the world… Iceland has that opportunity! I am strongly in support of this initiative. I am not political but I believe this initiative is as important as the laws on Human Rights. Freedom of the Internet and information on the Internet has been threatened many times through SOPA, PIPA and ACTA… I am positive there will be future attempts. I believe that Internet Service Providers are similar to those who pave the road, the road should not be shut down just because someone decided to drive at 300 miles/hr and killed someone. That has been the approach so far of every Government in the world. I believe Governments need to provide the proper legal framework to operate in, the Internet is a new paradigm where physical borders don’t apply and trying to legislate it just like in the physical world just does not work. We need laws that understands and accommodates how the Internet works. Everyone of us have a role to play in this. The coordinated effort that was demonstrated to protest against SOPA and PIPA is needed to ensure the right kind of laws are passed that protect the freedom of information for the Global Citizen on the Internet.