I saw this website snoop-around.com on the SVEF awards night, snoop-around.com is a Photo/Interview website in Reykjavik, where they visit creative people in their workshop or home and do a profile on them. The website won the award for being the Best Approach, Blog and Video Content category. It was really fascinating to see how creative one can get watching people doing creative work. The vicarious feeling I get being around others who are doing fantastic things is infective, it forces me to act. Anyway, I have written before about how having a balanced Creative and Analytical skill set is critical for a team to increase the odds of success. When one things about the web, it is a balance of the creative and analytical sites that get the attention. Apple is a classic example, I am writing this blog post in a Mac Air and I keep thinking how much work should have gone into the creative side compared to the engineering side of putting this piece of machine together. It is a balanced engineering and design effort that I think is amazing. I believe that is the recipe for increasing the odds of success in any endeavor.  If you are web designer focus on form and function, beauty and analytical. I believe we are embarking on a new world where Art, Creativity, Design has to in the front with all the geeky engineering and analytical discipline behind to make the thing work. The Snoop-Around.com website is a good example of that. I think their business model is built around advertisements, I don’t see the advertisement on the main view of the page… it is clean, shows what I expect it to show but when you scroll down you see the advertisements done beautifully. I want to compare that to another site whose business model is built on advertisement mbl.is. I think mbl.is is a great website but the design side of it needs work, it is too messy, crowded, it actually turns me off when I go to the site. The actual content is probably 3% of the real estate and 97% of it is moving advertisements and nothing that really interests me why would I even bother going to the site? it is just poor design! What do you think?