Saw the news that Nuance technologies (the one that powers Siri in Apple iPhone 4S) has launched a voice enabled TV that allows you to control your TV with your voice. I think this is just the beginning of things to come that are voice enabled. Mark Suster had a post about the 10 Hypotheses for Technology Investing by Roger McNamee and Mike Maples, Jr. where they talk about Hyperweb. Which is a fancy word for the mash up all the technology platforms that I have been talking about i.e GoogleTwitterFacebookFourSquare, etc think of all the fascinating things that you could do if the entire power of the web can be mashed together for a specific reason and if it was voice enabled. You can have your virtual assistant and apply the power of the web to businesses. This revolution could bring about the change in business services what Blackberry did to email. 
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