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We have invested in a company called buuteeq (pronounced boutique!) I know not the best of names but a kickass concept. The team at buuteeq wants to disrupt the traditional market of marketing and selling hospitality by independent hotel owners. These are the kinds of investments that we love doing:
1. Great team
2. Big market
3. Innovating the traditional way of doing business using the new infrastructure of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon (I have written about this earlier)
4. Executing on the idea (1500 hotels in 20 countries in 12 months, thats traction and scaling)

I have always been associated with the Hospitality industry, for crying out loud my Statement of Purpose to all my graduate school applications was written on the premise that I will eventually get back to working with Hospitality and Hotel development. I am glad to have come a whole circle in pursing that vision. I digress… here is a video that explains what buuteeq does, if you are an independent hotel owner or operator and want to run your property with the same infrastructure of big branded properties in marketing and sales buuteeq is the way. The second video is an interview of Forest Key, CEO of buuteeq on why they are switching to working with Silicon Valley Bank from a traditional bank. To all my banking friends in Iceland… you have a golden opportunity to serve the next generation of fantastic entrepreneurs here in Iceland, try to understand your startup clients and serve them well, if you do that guess what they are going to want to do business with you even when they become the next Google… just sayin…

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