I wrote a report on innovation in Iceland where I cataloged all the companies that were innovating in their domain. This report was suppose to be comprehensive but there are many new companies being formed so it is not meant to be a running list. The table of contents for the report is:

1.    Why Iceland was ranked as #1 in Innovation?
2.    Selected list of innovative icelandic companies
                           i.   Internet,Software and Mobile
                           ii.  Gaming
                           iii. RenewableEnergy, Energy Usage and Energy Efficiency
                           iv. Healthand Wellness
                           v.  Food, Fisheries and Seafood
                           vi. Business Process and Engineering

3.    Description of the companies and theproblem they solve
4.    Ideas on future development
5.    Appendix A – Comprehensive List of Innovative Icelandic Companies

If anyone is interested email me through the comments and I can send you a copy. There are many innovative things that fascinate me in Iceland starting with the public engagement in governance in the city of Reykjavik to the actual writing of the Icelandic constitution through an open source and crowd sourced methodology. To incorporating large scale brain storming to get consensus on important issues.
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