As you can see in my training log on the right… I have been keeping up with the running although it has not been easy with all the travel and long meetings that I have been facilitating. My ITB is getting better, I figured out if I maintain a good posture I don’t have the pain. I have been doing the strength training exercise and stretching quite a bit. I am feeling good lets see how it transpires. I got my London Marathon Running Number 57195. I am extremely excited about the marathon… and the magazine was quite inspiring.
I did 27 km today, but my goal was 30! The reason was I lost my energy gels while I was running and I had done about 2 and half hours of running without any supplement and when I reached for the gel it was gone!!! it was quite disappointing and I realized that I might get into a fix if I tried to run the entire run without any supplement. But on the positive note, I was feeling very good running the entire 2 hours and 39 minutes with just water.