I have been feeling quit @#$% the last week, have not been running regularly. I am getting frustrated that I am not making efforts to learn Icelandic and work has been hectic! However, last evening, left work at 4:20pm and ran inside the gym for about 30 minutes at less than 5 min/km pace… while I was doing that I decided that I will do a long run on Saturday morning. So headed out at 9:15am (wanted to start earlier but was too tired to wake before 8am), while I was running I met with Asgeir and he was running on the opposite direction, he turned around and wanted to know how long I was going to run and he felt that it might be too long for him! I was like “Asgeir! no distance is long for you!” The man ran 23.5 km the weekend before with me and Joi, did a bike ride on the same evening and the next day went and climbed Esja, the mountain just outside Reykjavik!

Anyway, he ran most of the distance with me and I learnt something very interesting from Asgeri that I should try to do atleast one run during the week with my heart rate less than 160 and when I do that my body learns to burns fat for energy instead of Carbohydrates! That was a very valuable advice for me given that I am always running at 175 bpm or above during my runs!