Guardian in UK writes that Tata Steel in rumours of taking over Corus in UK with a headline “Empire strikes back: India forges new steel alliance“, in my humble opinion (IMHO) this is more like “The Return of the Jedi”. The UK and European media has been rather critical of Indian entreprenuers expanding in the west… Do I need to say more, there have been all kind of legislative barriers put to stop Laxmi Mittals efforts to expand. I think if Indian companies think they can buy and run a profitable organization globally they should be allowed to do that. Globalization goes both ways, it is not the West that is conquring the East it is both ways, the playing field has been levelled and that is why we see a lot more news about Infosys, Lenovo etc of late… I say power to all and let the markets decide who is creating better value and wealth for the consumer!