I flew from London to Oslo last night and I lost my bag, it has my gear for the Marathon run on Sunday. I was fine with it, until I found out that British Airways decided to send my bag in the last flight out of London to Oslo… I have absolutely no idea why, quite frankly I don’t care what the problem that BA faces… So, I wrote a letter to the Customer Service department and I am planning to post it to BBC website as well.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with your
handling of my lost baggage. I flew from London Heathrow to Oslo and my checked
in bag did not arrive with the flight and I was just informed by the Airport
Baggage Service authorities here in Oslo that I will get my bad on the last
flight out of london.
It behovees me to ask the question why was the bag not
sent on the first flight from London. I really don´t think think there is any
reason other than fact that you simply don’t care about your customer’s distress
or comfort or lack there of due to your poor service.
I am planning to copy
this letter to BBC and ask them to remind their viewers that when they see the
British Airways advertisement talking about comfort and luxury it is a farse!
Comfort and luxury is needed when your customers are in troubled due to your
lack of service not in fancy advertisements.
I will try my best NOT to FLY British Airways again if I can help it.

A really dissatisfied customer!
Bala Kamallakharan