BeyondVC: Globalization and the world economy Ed writes about Globalization, Off-shoring and the equilibrium shift from the US to China and India in the coming years with regard to GDP output, growth and interestingly number of students entering science and engineering colleages. He argues that right now the quality of a student with Science and Engineering degree from India or China is below that of the one from a US university… I don´t agree with that but never-the-less, he says that India and China will catch up and US should do whatever to boost its competitive advantage.

It was interesting to note that he got this from Greg Mankiw´s blog, which I read as well 🙂 so I am probably in good company linking to these guys.

Anyway coming back to the discussion of quality of students… I think the quality is dependent on how the output is utilized until now the utilization in India (which I can talk about, as I went to school in one of the Indian universities) has not been tapped comprehensively, when the opportunities to innovate and actually drive value comes to India and China… the competitive advantage that is held by the US will be leveled.