Greg’s blog got me thinking about how a fundamental change needs to happen to all innovation and business decisions. It is not that impressive if we could fit the entire Google Search Index database into a mobile phone and that phone needs the same amount of power to run a nuclear plant. What is innovation is being responsible and considering all the impacts of the choices one makes. I am making a couple of resolutions
1. I shall not buy a normal light bulb again, I am switching to CFL… read my earlier post for details
2. I am looking into buying a hybrid car… Lexus GS 450h and the RX 400h sounds very interesting
3. I am going to devote more time with my company’s(Glitnir) initiative to develop and fund Renewable Energy Sectore

Glitnir has put its money on this, we are one of the shareholders of Enex a energy company from Iceland focused on Renewable Source of Energy