It is 5:48 am on Marathon day. I am feeling very excited and eager to start the race… It has been a crazy 6 months. I would have never believed myself that I was going to run a marathon in Iceland.

I was at my mother-in-laws place last night and she had cooked Noodles, it was a good source of Carbohydrates, in addition to that I have been Carbo-loading for about a week now. I feel good. I will be eating a bowl of Granola with AB Sour Milk (it is icelandic version of Yoghurt, but I am told that it is made differently), a cup of coffee and may be a slice of bread by 6 am.

I have decided that if this marathon goes well I will be running the London Marathon and a 55 km race in Iceland next summer. My goals are to improve my speed and endurance 20% to 30% depending on how I do today.

This Marathon is sponsored by my bank and since I belong to the CEO’s office I have been getting a lot of Publicity. We had our photo shoot yesterday with all the marathon runners from Glitnir, it was a lot of fun and it is very impressive that we have 500 people from the bank running various lengths in this marathon. Here are some statistics about this marathon from my bank’s perspective
1. 500 Glitnir employees have signed up to run the marathon
2. Glitir has raised approximately 21 million Icelandic Krona = 303,431.34 USD for various charity organizations
3. People from 34 different countries have registed to run the marathon
4. Approximately 8000 people will be starting the marathon, it is the biggest in the history of Reykjavik Marathon

I feel very proud to be part of a group of people from my bank who are making a difference in the community. I think a lot has got to do with our leader and CEO, Bjarni Armannsson… He is running the whole marathon and that has had a very positive impact on the us.