Well, it has been a while since my last post. I have been sticking to my running schedule and have been travelling a bit as well. I ran my longest distance 30km in New York City on the West Side, it was quite enjoyable on a early Sunday morning. I just love NYC, and I forgot to buy I love NYC t-shirt again.
My wife and I went on a flight with the least number of carry on as our daughter stayed with her grandparents in Reykjavik. It was a strange feeling, both of us kept calling to check on her… they warned me that life changes once you have a baby 🙂
Well, the big day is approaching fast. I have been tapering down on my running schedule but I have this weird feeling that I have not prepared enough. Maybe I have´nt I don´t know. I ran this morning and started hurting a bit on my the back of my leg so I stopped… it could be that I did too much (I played 18 holes the evening before!). I have been talking a lot about running to my colleagues during lunch and I probably got the best compliant for a long time, that the ones I speak to get motivated about running after talking to me. Felt good that I am able to positively impact someone else. I guess the reason that I talk as much is because I have been reading quite a bit on Marathon preparation and the science behind it (my pathetic way to reinforce my belief system that I can do this :)).
I would categorize the talk into 3 topics
1. Training strategy and schedule
2. Science behind food and stamina
3. My time recordings from my running schedule

I guess the most controversial is the my running strategy which I got from Jeff Galloway, where he advices a walk-run schedule. I run 4 minutes and walk 40 sec to 1 minute, I ran 30km that way and did it in 3 hours and 5 minutes! If I keep the same pace I will be able to finish the marathon in atleast 5 hours… or should I say that is what I am hoping 😉