I was invited to join for a company training on Software Engineering in Les Fontaines. It is a very impressive facility and my company is very proud of it.

Left home with my stuff for the airport and realized when I got to the airport that I had forgotten my passport and green card :(. Had to call wife and she was a true life saver, drove all the way with my sick daughter and I boarded the plane on time.

Got to Paris and did not get picked up by the taxi that I had requested. Took a taxi from the airport and the driver (Cambodian) did not know the way even after I gave him the directions. After reaching the place the cab driver informs me that he does not have a machine and I need to pay cash !! Luckily there was another cab and she was nice to have me swipe my card and handed him the cash.

Capgemini training facility is located in Chantilly, a picturesque and historic French town. My company had bought the 19 century Chateau and converted into a state of the art corporate training facility. It has Wi-Fi network connection all over the facility, individual rooms for participants etc. I have been impressed so far…