We are very pleased to announce as a featured guest speaker, Naomi Shah with Union Square Ventures. Her experience and energy will dovetail beautifully with Startup Iceland’s 2019 theme: “Founders and Foundations”

Naomi  joined Union Square Ventures’ investment team in April 2018. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Naomi moved to New York after graduating from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Human Biology. The combination of these two fields is what excites her about new companies: understanding what drives human behavior and how we can harness technology to create paradigm shifts across industries.

Prior to joining Union Square Ventures, Naomi worked on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs and in the Internet of Things group at Intel. She sits on the Young Leadership Committee of Street Squash Harlem and is passionate about teaching personal finance and investing basics to young women.


Union Square Ventures is a thesis-driven venture capital firm which focuses on early stage, growth capital, late stage and start-up financing in the internet world. It invests in companies that use information technology in innovative ways to create high grown opportunities, i.e., web-delivered technology startups. Fred Wilson, USV’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, wrote in January this year about “The Founder’s Commitment” and highlighted that, in addition to starting companies, founders bring a unique and rare level of ‘commitment, responsibility and care’ to a company.