Well, I started my training for the marathon on August 19, 2006 last saturday. I think I ran and walked about 4 miles, I am not sure since I did not know the markers or the distance. I am planning to drive my car today and calculate the distance. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was down with Strep Throat, my daughter gave it to me. It was pretty bad, I could not eat or drink anything since my tonsilites was the size of two golf balls and it was pretty painful. Thank God for Penciliin that I am feeling much better.
However, I went running on Wednesday night after dinner… bad idea. My diaphram was really struggling given my full stomach so could not do much of a run. Today, I went for a run in the morning, had an excellent rhythm and was able to run the same marker as the last saturday’s run with much less walking. I could sense my stamina is picking up and I am really excited about that. Made a schedule today, I am really looking forward to run the Reykjavik Marathon… Wish me luck 😉