Here is a basic hello world API call for the hackathon:
        public static void get_vehicleinfo()
            string key = "your-api-key";
            string requestname = "getvehicleinfo";
            string regnumber = "OT380";
            string url = "" + requestname + "/?regnumber=" + regnumber + "&key=" + key;

            WebClient c = new WebClient();
            var data = c.DownloadString(url);
            data = data.Remove(0, 1);
            data = data.Remove(data.Length - 1, 1);

            Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject o = Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject.Parse(data);
            string IMEI = o["IMEI"].ToString();

        public static void get_enginedata()
            string key = "MGKPX1nV9IEwp6uXFeyCpw==";
            string requestname = "getenginedata";
            string regnumber = "OT380";
            string from = "2015-05-20";
            string to = "2015-05-21";
            string url = "" + requestname + "/?regnumber=" + regnumber + "&key=" + key + "&from="+from+ "&to="+to;

            WebClient c = new WebClient();
            var data = c.DownloadString(url);

            JArray a = Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JArray.Parse(data);

            foreach (dynamic item in a)
                var GPStime = (string)item.GPStime;
import requests

def main():
    key = "you-api-key"
    request_name = "getvehicleinfo"
    reg_number = "OT380"
    url = "" % (request_name, reg_number, key)

    response = requests.get(url)
    json = response.json()
    print json



Car License Plates:
We have six cars you can pull data from. Here are their license plate numbers:
  1. IML43
  2. OT380
  3. SK014
  4. SP758
  5. SSD53
  6. ZM172
Use Case for the Hackathon:


Vodafone CAR application

Vodafone proposal for Startup Iceland Hackathon 2015

What we are looking for:

Vodafone Car is a mobile application that shows real time information about the users cars. The application shows fuel usage, trips the vehicle has made from A – B, alarms for services and maintenance. Users can also compare current trip to previous trips, to see how fuel consumption has evolved. All information will be accessible for contenders through an API.
Vodafone “requirements”

Android OS as a platform

  • Trips from A – B
  • Energy consumption – each trip/day/week/from beginning
  • Alarms showed
  • Actual length of drive in minutes
  • KM to next service
  • Time to next legal inspections
  • Vodafone “bonus points”
  • Automatic authentication on who is driving the car
  • Virtual automatic theft detector, detects movement on car
  • Geo fences, banned areas as for weather risky areas
  • Speeding, user can set alarms with notification if car is driven faster than <specifiable>
  • Diary for tourist, location based, connection to social medial comments, pictures etc
  • Diary for the contractor. Task of the day, free text as task numbers, task buyer etc