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Confirmed Speakers and Mentors for Startup Iceland 2015

John Biggs

John Biggs

Startup Iceland Conference – Executive Summary

Previous Speakes and Guest List:

ThePresidentOfIcelandPresident of Iceland, His Excellency Olafur Ragnar Grimsson

Ragnheidur-Elin-Arnadottir-hMinister of Industry and Innovation, Honorable Ms. Ragnheidur Elin Arnadottir

Ambassador Luis E. Arreaga - Sponsor ProfileUS Ambassador to Iceland, His Excellency Luis Arreaga

Feld-2013-86701Brad Feld, VC, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder TechStars, Mentorship driven accelerator program for startups

BradBurnham2_largeBrad Burnham, Managing Director, Union Square Ventures

67a5a-taleb201Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Author, Philosopher and New York Times Best Selling Author of the Book The Black Swan

speaker_tedTed Zoller, Senior Fellow Kauffman Foundation

Ryan McIntyre_headshotRyan McIntyre, Managing Director, Foundry Group

Mendelson-2013-8637-Web1Jason Mendelson, Managing Director, Foundry Group

johnsechrest_headshotJohn Sechrest, Founder of Seattle Angel Conference

speaker_rebecaRebeca Hwang, CEO, Co-Founder Startup Malaysia, Organizer Startup Chile

helgawaageHelga Waage, CTO Mobilitus

angela_jackson_1Angela Jackson, Managing Director, Portland Seed Fund

Biggs-4881-squareJohn Biggs, Senior Editor, TechCrunch

Thor_fridriksson_headshotThor Fridriksson, Founder and CEO, Plain Vanilla Games

Cindy Gallop phptographed by Kevin AboschCindy Gallop, Founder, Make Love Not Porn

gunnarGunnar Holmsteinn, Co-founder and CEO, CLARA

NoahRoss_headshotNoah Ross, Partner and Executive Creative Director, LaunchPad Advertising

MakerBot CEO Jenny Lawton

Jenny Lawton, President MakerBot

Bre Pettis HeadshotBre Pettis, Founder and CEO, MakerBot

History has shown that entrepreneurs are the most valuable builders and creators in their communities. Small entrepreneurial companies spark innovation while creating jobs that facilitate economic well being in every society. Startup Iceland gives startup entrepreneurs throughout the world the tools necessary to positively impact their community. We accomplish this by bringing together a diverse program of speakers and participants to discuss, create and implement strategies that promote economic growth.

In addition to the exceptional international speakers, Startup Iceland will feature the key innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who are driving Iceland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem forward.


The first two days (May 23rd and 24th) of the conference will be a hackathon, where teams of talented people come together to hack a solution that at the end of the event will have the potential to be a business. This is an open event anyone can attend and participate.

The third day (May 27th) will be the main event day consisting of presentations and discussions key influencers within Iceland and from Startup Communities around the world.  The winner of the Hackathon will be voted on by conference participants and announced at the end of the day’s discussions.

The fourth day (May 28th) will be a mentoring day, where all the key influencers and speakers will act as mentors to any Entrepreneur who is a participant in the conference. Entrepreneurs and Startup founders and any other participant can schedule a one-on-on meeting and get key advice and connect.

Participants represent startup communities from Iceland, the US, Canada, Europe, the UK, Asia, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Israel and South Africa.  Startup Iceland will ask important questions and elicit discussions on how to harness local capital, develop a policy framework and capitalize on the collective strengths of the community to foster a sustainable and resilient ecosystem that embraces, encourages and celebrates entrepreneurship. Attendees will learn strategies that can be applied in their own businesses and communities here in Iceland and abroad.