Wow! what a difference 1 day makes! I want to say yesterday was a low day for me when the brutal fact hit me in the face that the product that I had been working on just did not have a market or customer. I fooled myself into believing what people tell me verbally and through email as their commitment but then again it is not their problem it is mine. I made a huge mistake in the whole process, I have been giving everything away and hoping that the Universe will return it back someday. Someone lets you down but Universe has a way of giving it back and Of course it did. I have been overwhelmed with support from young entrepreneurs in Iceland and around the world who are reaching out to me stating that they want Startup Iceland Conference to happen and they are willing to contribute to make it happen! I am humbled, excited and never been more energized about starting this initiative. Thank you all, the list is too long to mention in the blog but you know who you are.

Here is what we are going to do:

  1. We have cancelled Alexander Osterwalder’s Workshop – I cannot afford to taken on the personal liability if we are unable to sell the workshop tickets with no anchor sponsor. So he had to go. It is a shame because I thought the pricing of ISK 109.000 + VAT was a steal for someone of his caliber conducting a whole day workshop right here in Reykjavik and for the participants to interact with him one-on-one would have been a fantastic experience. But, I am sure we can get this organized again with enough sponsors and more publicity.
  2. We are changing the venue from Harpa – as much as I want to promote the facility. It is too expensive for what I am trying to do. The cost per participant just for Harpa comes to ISK 10.000 if we include food. Many have suggested that we skip providing the food and drinks during the conference but I am from India and too much of a foodie to not provide food during a whole day conference. This is a eastern tradition, when a guest arrives at your home, you HAVE TO serve them food. Maybe I am old fashioned but I think it is a good tradition. Harpa makes food too expensive! so it has to go
  3. We are skipping all other expenses and are going to go the lean way, we are going to bootstrap and organize this on a shoestring.
The overall agenda and speakers remain the same we may change some of the formats and events during the 2 day conference. May29th will be the Hackathon hosted in Reykjavik University (Contact Hamid if you want to help organize and/or participate) and May 30th will be the day of lectures to listen to our distinguished speakers and some young entrepreneurs and get inspired! It is going to be an awesome event and I cannot wait to make it happen!

So thank you to all those who have reached out to me and those who have been helping me till late last night. Watch our for the updated venue, schedule and more details about Startup Iceland. Lets DO THIS!