After a long time took some time off to visit my wife’s side of the family in Iceland. Had a hectic 10 days at work before I left for vacation. But it was good feeling that you are leaving things with good hands and are taking some time off to enjoy the reason you work.

Things started out fine… finished most of what I had to do at work took the flight to Keflavik, Iceland. Most people thing you fly into Reykjavik but there is no international flight to Reykjavik although there is an airport.

Iceland is an interesting country, I was amazed how the people there survived before all the modern aminities. I am pretty sure if it was any other group of people they would have succumed to the harsh weather. Don’t get me wrong, summer is awesome you get to golf round the clock and I did. The temperature was about 60-75 throughout the time I was there, you had to have a light jacket on or you get cold.

Golfed in a really awesome course, the first 9 holes were built on top of lava yes cooled black lava. The next 9 holdes is layed out next to one another. My brother-in-law and my wife’s cousin joined me and we had a good evening of golf. We started at 7pm and finished at around 11pm. I shot 114! nothing to be impressed about but it was fun, there were a couple of shots that I was really proud of… I guess that is why you come back to playing this game…