Bala KamallakharanEntrepreneur, Investor, Startup Community Hacker, VC – Value Creator, 8 Marathons, 1 Icelandic Financial Collapse, Principle Centered and working hard to do the Right thing everyday. Thing changes not the Right principle. Believes that there are 7 things that will destroy anyone

  1. Wealth without Work
  2. Pleasure without Conscience
  3. Knowledge without Character
  4. Commerce without Morality
  5. Science without Humanity
  6. Worship without Sacrifice
  7. Politics without Principles


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  1. Your blog came across Brad Feld’s twitter feed. Your comments about start-up communities are right on target and I wish you success in building Iceland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We face similar issues here in Milwaukee. I am familiar with the Icelandic environment – I studied at Haskola Islands in ’85-’86 on an exchange program from the University of Minnesota and still have good friends there. Please let me know if I can help your efforts in any way. My LinkedIn profile is I currently plan to be at the GAN meeting in Boston in November and I would enjoy meeting you if you plan to be there.


    1. Sorry, I missed your comment and just noticed it. There were a number of people from Iceland who were in the GAN meeting in Boston. You should give me a shout the next time you are in Iceland, we are having Startup Iceland 2013 in the first week of June and it would be great time to meet and also to learn about what you are doing in Milwaukee, as the theme of the conference is “Building Antifragile Startup Ecosystems”


  2. Having been to Iceland many times, I am sending you greetings from Germany and wish you all sucess. Sab kuj upawala ke hath me he. Ethical and environmental concerns put us in harmony with the world around us. I consider this to be real succes. Money, as a potent form of energy, should be utilised in that way.


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